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Water Life is the Best Life. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This past weekend we did what very few people get to do.  We got to spend the day on the Chicago River while it was dyed green for St. Patrick's Day.  In case you are not aware of how big a party St. Patrick's Day is in Chicago you need to understand that at one time Irish immigrants were the most populous group in the city.  That has changed quite a bit in the last few decades but the city is still full of people of Irish decent and we take this holiday seriously.  It's a day that people who aren't even Irish can pretend to be and have a great time with their fellow Chicagoans.  Since Kevin is 1/8th Irish and Colette is a smidge we go all out and spend most of the day enjoying all the various festivities this city has to offer.  We've been to the official parade made famous in The Fugitive starring Harrison Ford, we went to the last "real" South Side Irish parade before they had to cancel it for a couple years because it was getting out of hand, we've watched from the riverbank as the Rowan & Butler families dump special dye in the river, and now we've been on the river passing out beads to the people watching from the riverbank.

Green River
We were fortunate enough to secure a couple spots on our neighbor's boat, Castaways, as he took a group of us up and down the river this year.  The weather was decent for March in Chicago and there was food and drink galore on board.  We spent much of the time tossing beads to the crowds on the new riverwalk and making lots of kids and even adults very happy.  It's amazing what some green pieces of plastic can do to one's spirits.  Starting at 9AM we decorated Castaways and set off for the main branch of the river.  We had a great time with the exception of a brief encounter with a ridiculously rude tour boat employee who apparently wanted to ruin everyone else's day.  We shrugged off her hostilities and keep on having a great time and making all the folks on the shore very happy to get their green beads.

Colette is dressed for the occasion

So Water We Thinking about our day on the river?  We had a blast and thank Castaways captain Pat for taking us out.  We'll be back next year!

The bar party looked fun, but not as fun as the boat party

Sleep Cygnet in the background wants to join the fun with Mr. Leprechaun


  1. Wow, It sounds great that you have spent a whole day on the water. I am sure you have enjoyed a lot. A boat party is really looking amazing.


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