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Water Withdrawl

It's been over a month since we've been on the boat.  If you read our last post about our trip to Europe you know we were gone for a couple weeks.  This seemed like the perfect time to make some updates and repairs on our home.  We knew when we bought Cygnet that she wasn't perfect.  Sure she had been well maintained and loved by her previous family, but she was born in 1988 and needs some updating and repairs to be back to her full glory. We decided to take her to Chicago Yacht Yard a few days before we left for our trip hoping things would go smoothly and we'd get her back on our return.   We had high hopes and a fair amount of work to do and knew things might not go as planned.  We prepared for it and had a backup plan in case we needed to crash somewhere.  We are fortunate to have great friends who also live in the same neighborhood so the few days before we left we stayed with Rich, Liz, Deuce Deuce, and two dogs and three cats (Kevin is allergic) in their gr

Oh so European!

First of all we are sorry for slacking off and not posting in a couple weeks but we have a really good excuse.  We spent 13 days in Northern Europe on a vacation/ fact finding mission!  It was tough work being in Europe in the summertime, but somebody has to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. We've mentioned before that it's common in other cities for people to live aboard some sort of vessel, and Amsterdam might just be the capital of these live aboard cities.  We flew to Amsterdam and instead of spending a couple days in a silly hotel, we opted to spend our time on the water.  In Amsterdam you can choose from a wide variety of places to stay, from fancy hotels to an Airbnb apartment.  The place we chose was called Volle Maan , or Full Moon in English. Volle Maan It's run by a lovely couple about the same age as us who have a super cute little girl who is friendly and loves to explore.  They live in the forward part of the boat and rent out the aft "