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When people help

We had hoped to write about our entertainment system upgrade by now but the install has gone a little slower than expected.  Hopefully next week we will tell you all about Kevin's new pride and joy. A while back we wrote about our cute little alcohol burning fireplace  that kept us toasty through the very cold months.  We've had a bunch of people asking whether we are getting enough oxygen inside a boat since it's wrapped in glorified Saran.  The fully fueled fireplace burns about three hours and we usually only burn once in a 24 hour period.  We have not noticed any issues with oxygen on board this winter.  We were worried about other gasses like too much CO or CO2.  When we bought Cygnet in May 2014 there were three hardwired CO detectors that we believe to be original to the boat.  A commenter on our blog asked if we were using any other types of CO detectors since the lifespan is about 5 years on these.  It's something we thought about but had not worked on a fix.

Heating Up and Blown Away

The weather has broken and we are warming up nicely.  It's been a couple weeks since we had frigid temperatures in Chicago and we've even seen one day in the 70s.  If you're reading this in a warm climate and thinking 70 isn't that warm, let me tell you that after a winter in Chicago 70 is amazing! The sun is heating us up quite nicely during the day and the heaters are keeping us toasty at night. The first day we had over 50 was a sunny one and out of habit we left the heaters on when we went to work.  With the warm sun the wrap acted like a greenhouse and got the unheated rear deck up to 105! The interior of the boat was at 100, which we both agreed was a bit high. 1. Outside  2. Rear Deck  3. Engine Room  4. Interior Of course it's a bit early to take the wrap off the boat as the weather has gone back down to more seasonal levels this week.  We shut the heaters off on warm days and leave the zipper door open to the wrap to let in some fresh air.  This has a

OK, I made it here, now where do I start? What to see on the blog

Hello and welcome! Many of you have come to check the blog after seeing the video on WGN or Facebook, and we're glad you did. Here is a LINK to the update video in case you missed it. Please explore the blog and check out the great information we have up. Feel free to ask questions, comment, tell us we are crazy or awesome, or whatever! Here are some links to posts we've written that you might find interesting: HERE  is a post about the cold and problems we've had this winter. HERE is a post about some of the updates we did to Cygnet when we first got her. HERE is a post about what is costs! HERE  is a poop ular blog we wrote about the problems we've had with marine plumbing. HERE  and HERE are posts that show a good idea of the type of problems and maintenance involved. HERE is an interview Colette did on Your Chicago Podcast. It's full of information if you have the hour to take a listen. There is more to see, so explore and have fun.  Ask

Check us out on WGN again this Wednesday! UPDATED

LINK to WGN update story. It turns out the story Marcus LeShock did on WGN Morning News about us living aboard in the Chicago winter was quite a popular one.  If you haven't seen it, check it out HERE .  They have had viewers and even some of the staff of WGN asking Marcus to follow up and see how we survived the 3rd coldest Chicago February on record and the 5th largest blizzard in recorded history.  Regular readers here know we had some problems but if you want to see for yourself watch WGN News this Wednesday March 4, 2015 and you will get an update!  Marcus came out this morning and asked us questions about how we are making it, our marriage and how it's holding up, being local celebrities at the boat and RV show, and how Cygnet is doing. Marcus was able to get an interview with one of our favorite neighbors, Dr. Doug too, so you will see another perspective from someone doing the same t