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Finding a Secret and Making Use of It. Oh and a Massive Flood Happened

If you saw the last video of Kevin's painting fail hopefully this installment will redeem his skills in some of your eyes.  As we continue to work through Shelter in Place we've been working on lots of little things.  Right now it's a bit harder to do anything around here since we haven't had power or water for 12 days. On Sunday May 17 we had what can only be described as a deluge of rain.  We'd had big storms a few days prior and everything was pretty saturated and the river was a bit up but not too bad.  But when it started raining Sunday it was serious.  We've seen River City Marina flood before with water over the docks but it went another couple feet above that and the Chicago River spilled over the wall and into the River City Apartments building.  This knocked out power to the entire building and marina, flooded the parking garage including about 25 cars, and they were forced to evacuate the building around 10PM Sunday night. We fared better, as

Shelter in Place Project One. Big time Fail.

Summer is fast approaching and we're itching to get outside and see friends, go to restaurants and bars, and at least go to the lakefront but we're still under Shelter in Place orders in Chicago.  So what have we been doing for the last couple months?  Colette is working from home and Kevin is working on our home.  All those little things are getting done and some bigger ones too. After years of looking at a pretty bland bathroom we decided to spruce it up a bit.  We had such a small area to paint we grabbed a sample in a lovely shade of blue and Kevin began taping around the teak to give us a pop of color in the Master Stateroom Head.  So, how'd it go?  Take a look at the video below to see. Oh, and we have more project videos coming soon so subscribe if you'd like to see 'em.

Sheltering in Place - a Very Small Place

Whether you are already living aboard a boat full time, do the part time lifestyle, or dream of one day living aboard there are sacrifices to make.  Many liveaboard boaters have nothing but their boat as a place to escape the pandemic that is COVID-19.  We are such people, mostly.  Now, we are also very lucky in that we have a marina with a yard, a building with a bodega next door, and live in a neighborhood that is easily walkable with most essentials very nearby.  Many people living aboard don't have the amenities we have and they are stuck in a very small space indefinitely.  Certain parts of the country and world are coming out of shelter in place orders as of this writing in early May 2020.  Illinois is not one of those states, at least yet. Ready to go out in the world We have begun Phase 2 of shelter in place which means a bit more freedom but we are still a long way from getting back to "normal" or at least getting to whatever will be the new normal.  Fortu