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Being away from home, all while staying home.

We're often asked if we take the boat out.  Since we live on it some people assume that the boat never moves, it's permanently tied to the dock.  Some people wonder if we go to Michigan every weekend.  Some people don't think we can go anywhere since they don't realize the Chicago River (or the Great Lakes for that matter) go anywhere.  Some people, we swear multiple people have asked this, ask if we take it to Europe/ the Caribbean/ California a lot.  Sure, we'd love to take it to the Greek Islands, but the only Greek Islands we visit are located on Halsted St. in Chicago.  We often feel bad when we say we took the boat out only nine times last summer.  So many people use their boats every week or many times per week, like some neighbors we have at River City.  A middle aged couple we've never met takes their boat out almost every night!  The two of them go out for a short river cruise and are often back 45-90 minutes later.  We love that, but their 24 foot ca