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Oh, everyone's a comedian. A visit from Jackson

In mid January we had a special visitor to Cygnet. Colette's brother Jackson came in from San Francisco to stay with us and see Chicago. He's visited before, once for our wedding reception, and another time just for fun, but this is the first time he's been here with us living on Cygnet. Jackson and Colette had the same mother but different fathers and they didn't grow up together beyond the first few years but we've visited him in San Francisco and he's been here so we aren't strangers. This time he came for just under two weeks and while in town he spent a lot of time going to and performing at local comedy clubs. Jackson has been working as a comedian for years in San Francisco and we in Chicago were lucky to experience his entertaining and slightly askew show a few times. Unfortunately his late night stand up comedy and our regular hour jobs don't mix all that well so he ventured out without us a few nights and killed it without us as witnesses.

Building bridges and wrapping right.

Winter is in full swing and it's been pretty good so far. This coming week is supposed to get cold, possibly down to single digits at night (-12C for our foreign readers) despite what AccuWeather has predicted for February. The weather prognosticators may have messed that one up a couple weeks ago when they said we'd have an above average month, but we are ready and already made it through some cold days and nights last month. It's still a huge improvement over last year's Polar Vortex. Wrapped and ready for the cold One problem we have this year which we didn't really have last year is condensation. We have a much tighter seal this year on Cygnet including taping the air vents for the engine compartment, taping or plugging up the bathroom fan vents, and better sealing the windows. Because of this there are areas of the boat where the warm and moist air from the interior is meeting cold areas of the fiberglass that touch or come very close to touching the wat