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The Brightening, or Spring is Coming!

When we spring ahead and change to daylight savings time here in Illinois it gives us an extra hour of sunshine in the evening.  Through the winter the sun sets as early as 4:30PM and working normal hours makes it tough to get home before dark.  Now that we are experiencing the longer days it is getting obvious why we live on a boat.  Spending time on the back deck with a cocktail in hand after a stressful day is about the best thing you can ask for. With the sun warming the still wrapped Cygnet it gets awfully warm inside and our mornings are spent figuring out a heating solution for the day.  With five electric space heaters going we keep the boat warm inside when the temps are well below freezing, but when the temperature hits the 50s it's tougher to figure out how much heat is enough.  Sunny days and mild winds mean Cygnet can get well above 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32.2C) inside with two heaters on low, but a breezy day and clouds mean two heaters might not be enough to keep i