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The Greatest Shit Show on Earth - or - The Adventures of Poo

We got a problem.  This blog has mentioned the toilet issues in the past but for a refresher here is a summary of the problems we've had this summer.  When we first got Cygnet we knew there was an issue with the forward toilet, it didn't flush.  The motor ran, but that was it.  Cygnet has two Raritan brand macerating toilets that essentially act as poo blenders and force the waste through hoses to individual holding tanks.  Pleasant.  We got the front toilet fixed, it just needed a new part and it was doing its job just fine.  The rear worked fine until one day we had some friends over and it decided to not.  We thought there was something clogging the line and investigated.  Kevin took the toilet apart, a job that was as gross as it sounds and found that nothing was inside the toilet that should defeat it's capability.  The blame shifted to the line from the toilet to the tank, we figured it must be clogged with a product that was not intended to be there. Why You No W