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Hello to everyone from around the world!

Rather than write a bunch of crap that nobody cares about we've tried to be selective in what we post. Sometimes it takes us weeks or even months to come up with a good post.  Sorry we don't communicate more often, but after two and a half years living aboard Cygnet things are starting to become pretty routine.  Right now fall is upon us and we are getting prepared for the winter.  We've been fortunate this year in that the weather has been quite amazing with mostly sunny days and very mild temperatures.  Here it is November 7th and the high is 70F (21C) with not a cloud in the sky. Amazing for Chicago in November.  Sure it can get that warm at this time of year, but it has been like this for weeks! Colette waves hello on a beautiful day. Some of you might notice we've started to put metric measurements for distance and temperature in the posts.  For those of you who think you might be the only ones reading this little blog you should know that we have hundreds of