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We're Famous Again. Kinda. Also, We Need to Get Things Done.

Recently we were contacted by a reporter for the New York Times about a story she was writing about people living aboard boats in cities where the cost of living is high.  She interviewed us and the paper send a photographer to snap some lovely pictures before the article went live.  It's an interesting read if you like to know how other people do the same thing.  One thing we've learned through out the years is that there are many ways to do the livaboard lifestyle.  Check out the article HERE.

Courtesy New York Times
We are now entering our sixth year of living aboard and we've done a pretty good job of updating Cygnet and keeping things in good working order.  But 2019 is going to have to be the year of maintenance.  Wherever you live there are always things to do.  Little jobs that need to get done and get pushed off until they become bigger jobs.  Cygnet is no exception and there are things we've put off for too long that we'll need to address soon.  When we opened our computer store it meant a lot of hours spent working there instead of keeping up with Cygnet.  Well, we recently closed the store and Kevin has a lot more free time on his hands.  The list is getting longer everyday and it's not something that looks easily achievable, with with perseverance it should get done by fall.  Some of the jobs are big, some small, but added up there are a lot of things to do.  In no particular order here are the jobs (so far) on our to-do list for Summer 2019.

In this one photo there are five jobs to do. 

Buff and polish entire boat
Refinish the wood on the aft deck
Repaint the metal door surrounds on the aft deck
Replace the aft shower bilge
Replace the forward head raw water pump
Properly wire power to the 12V stereo on the bridge and amplifier
Properly wire the speakers and install second amplifier
Properly wire the lower 12V stereo
Fix the windshield wipers
Clean the sun shade and sun pad
Fix the AC units in the front and back
Refit the TV and adjust so it doesn't bind on the door
Cover wall carpet in something else, like leather
Wallpaper the small areas of the Salon that still need it
Wallpaper or paint both bathrooms
Fix the ice maker
Figure out a better koozie storage solution
Remove or repair the washer/drier combo unit
Fix the f-ing window that has been missing for three years.
Rehang the blinds
Make (or have made) and install curtains to replace the 1980s ones we have now
Reorganize all the storage areas and get rid of the detritus
Maybe replace the outdoor carpet
Clean the hell out of everything
Figure out a better internet solution including possibly running CAT6 through the hull
Do a better job of wiring the aft deck accessories
Purchase and install LED lights for the exterior
Oil all the wood and teak furniture
Figure out why the tiny crack in the fiberglass is weeping and fix it

So, Water We Thinking about more celebrity and all the chores that need to be done?  It's great to see others who are interested in our lifestyle and we enjoy seeing how other people live aboard.  Our list is long and will probably grow longer but with patience and some luck the list will be done.


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